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The 'Dreams of Gaia' tarot is a long term project, and one that is close to Ravynnes's heart. The deck is a blending of magic and love, and one that will become a powerful tool of self-discovery for all. The deck is crafted for those who desire unity within themselves and with the world and the universe. It explores the past, present, and future, choice, creativity and more.

The 'Dreams of Gaia' tarot is a non-traditional tarot - one in which the major and minor arcana are rebirthed and reshaped to embrace an elemental universal philosophy that is both ancient and modern, free of religious dogma and symbology, and one that marries the Cosmos, Gaia, the waking self and the creative soul within.

Ravynne is now working full time on the 'Dreams of Gaia' Tarot. Once completed, the deck will be published by Blue Angel Publishing. The deck is scheduled for completion mid 2012 nd release in late 2012.

To follow the progress of the tarot please visit Ravynne on FACEBOOK, and to view the artwork please be sure to visit ART OF THE 'DREAMS OF GAIA' TAROT.

The Dreams of Gaia tarot is one founded in magic, empowerment, and intuition; one that opens the user strengthens thier connect with the energies of both heaven and earth. It is a deck that focuses upon spirit, nature, choice, and all that influences and impacts upon the power and freedom that comes with choice. It will not only enable the user to find unity and wholeness within, but to work with the thread of magic that runs through life and all living things.

Everything we are, all the lessons we have chosen to learn, all we wish to understand, our life purpose, and our reason for being are stored within our soul memory. These memories are carried forth from one life to the next, but they are not just memories from times when we took physical form; they are memories from times when we were incorporeal and dwelled in the Spirit realms and cosmos.

We are born psychic, empathic, and intuitive; wise beyond our years. We are full of pure, untainted energy as we return from the realms of Spirit. From the moment we take our first breath as a newborn we are complete. We know not only who we are, but are familiar with the language of our Goddess, our earth, and the song that is Magic.

And then we forget.

We forget the language of the Gaia as we are taught instead to live in the world of man. We speak with our mouths instead of our minds and hearts, forgetting that we are cosmic beings who are bound by both the natural and universal law of cause and effect. We are conditioned to believe that magic is not real, to communicate with the Divine is a sign of mental illness, that elemental beings only exist in our imagination, that dragons are evil, destructive creatures born of myth, and that angels are the construct of religion, while religion and human arrogance has taught us that humans are the lords of all. We are bombarded by different ideologies, opinions, philosophies, and mythologies and often told who we should and should not become. We are asked to embrace a philosophy of unconditional love, but are taught to love our 'self' conditionally.

As a result, we often fail to become who we are destined to be or find peace and acceptance of our self and who we are. We are afraid listen to our inner voice and fail to heed the signs sent to us by the magical and divine energies who watch over us. We can no longer sense them reaching out to us, touching our dreams, and seeding our waking with little signs and synchronicities. Our senses become dulled, our instincts go unheeded, our intuition and emotions ignored, and our connection with Gaia, our spiritual mother and home, neglected.

With eyes and hearts blind to the magical tapestry we weave with our actions, choices, and desires, we stumble through our life from one trial to the next.

Instead, we could be walking with grace and ease, gentled by the knowledge that we are the guardians and custodians of the living gift that is Gaia; safe in our surroundings, sure of our destination, confident of overcoming any obstacle, and aware that we are loved, and more importantly, loving our self.

The philosophy of the cards is simple - to create, to feel, to learn, to heal - to find unity and to embrace the awareness that what we have divided was always meant to be whole; within self, with Gaia and the universe. The Dreams of Gaia Tarot will help all to remember who we wished to be, to rediscover the language of the Great Mother, and to reawaken our senses to the song that is Magic.

With the knowledge gained we can see and learn from our past, work and live with joy and confidence in the present, and create a future that is truly ours and in harmony with both heaven and earth.

Please find below a sample of the artwork already created for the tarot. Please note that by clicking on the images below you will be transported to the artworks existing page in the ART OF THE DREAMS OF GAIA TAROT gallery.

The Child The Sage fufilment Emotions Ace of Fire Eight of Fire

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