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Merry Meet, Wandering Soul ... Welcome to the official home of artist and storyteller, Ravynne Phelan a.k.a. Michele-lee Phelan. Within the halls of this realm you will discover verse and art that are simple expressions of spiritual and natural beauty and magic. All reveal the artist's love for the Source, Gaia and Her children. Be welcome.

As One

Surrounded by her crystals, snakes, cats, dog, birds, and human family in her suburban home at the base of the Blue Mountains in Australia, Ravynne paints her visions and dreams. Over the years, a wondrous selection of inspired works have been created to be treasured and collected by art lovers and spiritual seekers throughout the world. This painter of magic hopes you will delight in her magical dragons, fae, mythological, and goddess-inspired artworks and writings.

Ravynne's artworks are vibrant and powerful portals to the Divine. They are full of exquisate detail and bright with potent magical energy. All artworks showcased on the site are available for purchase as archival prints in a large range of sizes from collectable miniature ACEOs that are perfect for use in a Book of Shadows or journal to small poster sizes that are perfect for altar spaces, healing rooms, and more. Each print is personally created by the artist on a velvety matte archival paper, so you can be assured that they are of the highest quality and flawless in nature. A selection of original artworks painted on watercolour paper and canvas are also available for purchase.

Please enjoy your time here at the Dreams of Gaia website. Explore the beauty of the artwork, find empathy and understanding in her words, and feel her connection with the Divine in all.

Ravynne is currently writing and illustrating THE 'DREAMS OF GAIA' TAROT. The tarot is a new divination tool - a tarot for the new era - that mirrors traditional tarot in structure, but with a rebirthed major and minor arcana made up of cosmic and dream archetypes and elemental humans. The major arcana has been completed, and Ravynne now paints the artwork for the minor. The tarot is scheduled for release in late 2012.Read and learn more about the creative process behind the tarot's creation or watch her progress at FACEBOOK.

Below are the most recent additions to the ART OF THE 'DREAMS OF GAIA' TAROT gallery. To view the entire gallery please just click HERE.

Ace of Earth Ace of Fire Ace of Water Two of Earth Two of Air Eight of Fire Nine of Earth

Reconnect with the Magic of the Universe - There was a time when we 'humanity' could see and feel the Divine within each other and all around us. We were one with nature and moved in harmony with the seasons and cycles of life. We honoured and accepted the signs and messages sent by Gaia and Great Spirit. This deck is for those who yearn to re-ignite their connection with Gaia, Great Spirit, the natural world and its creatures.

The Messenger Oracle strengthens our ancient bond with nature and spirit. These cards are infused with the magic of ancient dragons, elemental fae, mystical trees and their wild animal kin - they are 'the messengers' who are here to guide us back to our true nature and power and to help us reconnect with and express our inner-most truth.The Messenger Oracle is due for release in March, 2012. PRE-ORDERS FOR THE DECK CAN BE MADE NOW.

Below are a selection of works from the ART OF THE MESSENGER ORACLE gallery. To view the entire gallery please just click HERE.

"It was only last year that I first saw Ravynne Phelan's art work. I fell in love at first sight. But I never thought I would be so blessed as to own one of Ravynne's orignals. I now happily own 6 originals and 2 prints and they all hold pride of place in my house as well as in my heart.

I love good art and own several original works of art by different artists. The unusual aspect with Ravynne's art is it stirs more than the visual, mental and emotional senses. They stir at the metaphysical...the soul itself. These paintings have a life of their own and they communicate with me daily. I have to remind Eros not to get me too worked up with desire. And I had to put Eros and Eos in separate rooms as they argued with each other all the time. I've never had any other works of art that interacted with me and my environment in such an intense way. Some of the paintings I use to help with healing my clients and for tapping into the energy of magick.

I have bought other artist's work because I enjoyed them, but also as a good investment. I bought Ravynne's art because they are part of my journey in this lifetime and actively participate in my soul growth."

Ana Frija, Australia

Dreams of Magic

DREAMS OF MAGIC - Verse, Prose, Thoughts, and over 60 pages of magical art

During 2009, Ravynne spent many months writing and compiling her first book - Dreams of Magic. Within the pages of this quality publication, are a collection of Ravynne's favourite artworks, many of which are no longer available for purchase or showcased on this website, and a selection of her short stories and poemts. Dreams of Magic showcases Ravynne's passionate love for magic and creation. To learn more about this book of treasures, for a sneak peek at the pages within, or to order your signed copy today, please visit the DREAMS OF MAGIC page.

"Ravynne is an artist of power, intelligence, and imagination. She is an artist-alchemist who deeply believes in her subject matter, and whose sacred task is to reconnect us all with visions of the divine, in its myriad forms of tree, deity, dryad, or dragon. Every work has a soul, every brushstroke returns magick to our modern world. To gaze upon her creations is to sit with the greatest of teachers; one whose work combines beauty and meaning, the cosmos and the underworld, male and female, and the seen and unseen worlds. Buy this book. To do so is to know once again what power exists in this Universe." - Lucy Cavendish

The Witchwood

Dreams of Gaia now showcases more than just Ravynne's artwork; there are now a selection of her short stories, poetry, and blog entries for you to enjoy at her blog

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